August 2016: Erasmus Law Review 9:1 on the interaction between social and legal norms

Issue 9:1 of the Erasmus Law Review that I have co-edited with my colleague Jing Hiah has been published online. The central theme of this issue is the interaction between social and legal norms. The contributions include:

Bo Yuan, 'A Law and Economics Approach to Norms in Transnational Commercial Transactions: Incorporation and Internalisation'. Link

Wei Pei, 'Harmony, Law and Criminal Reconciliation in China: A Historical Perspective'. Link

Thaddeus Muller, '‘We Do Not Hang Around. It Is Forbidden.’ Immigration and the Criminalisation of Youth Hanging around in the Netherlands'. Link

Also included is an editorial introduction:

Jing Hiah and Thomas Riesthuis, 'Studying Law in Society: Static and Dynamic Conceptions of Social Norms'. Link